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On a campus of 800-plus students, the challenge of meeting the needs of each individual student is met by interdisciplinary teaching teams, the backbone of our school. Students are members of a "house" served by both a core team of academic teachers and a team of "encore" specialists. Each team has the responsibility to develop and implement policies related to student management, student recognition, curriculum implementation, and parent and community communication. Teams are considered the "point of service" at KMMS, and this management system has produced a school community that is responsive to the needs of students, parents, teachers, and the community.

Research-based teaching is a driving force at KMMS. Through the study of current brain research, the staff understands that "best practices" teaching and active learning experiences are essential for stimulating middle level students to high levels of learning and personal success. Engaging curriculum connected to real world experiences moves students to question, experiment, collaborate, test, and explore information; students are encouraged to create new meanings. Lessons are structured in ways that encourage students to think independently and to communicate the knowledge and skills they acquire with their peers. The infusion and utilization of technology throughout the entire instructional program have significantly enhanced the ability to access, analyze, and apply information. Web page design, intra-school television broadcasting, and Internet research are commonplace. Technology use has moved the school past the novice issues of access and hardware to a place where computer applications are tied to real world experiences.

At KMMS the power of meaningful teaching and learning is felt in a mission of shared purpose. The instructional program is challenging and integrated, and students participate in a rigorous curriculum with high expectations for success. Continuous improvement is driven, in part, by some difficult questions: What is it we expect students to learn? How will we know what they have learned? How will we respond when they do not learn? Are KMMS students armed with the knowledge and skills needed for productive lives in the new millennium?

KMMS students and staff daily exhibit a shared purpose - dedication to students. Quality teaching and learning experiences are a focal point, and staff and students have a genuine affection and respect for each other. It is the strength and support of each person within our circle of community and our collective passion for teaching and learning that is the foundation for our success. We are profoundly committed to the students we serve, and engage daily in teamwork and collaboration for their benefit. The greatest strength of our program and the greatest benefit to our students' future is our spirit of reflection, innovation, and renewal. 

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